Carton Eagle




Carton Co. of Eagle in 1375 with the motive of serving the packaging industry with the installation of printing

machines and Chuck flexo converter size size sheets and cut-off rolls singles as well as machine laminated

sheet to sheet and hand Dyke railway and the jaw 90 of 130 cm outside the car lip Scotch and sewing

punched into the realm of producing said. , now with the benefit of expert and experienced as well as the

installation of the machine laminators , automatic sheet to sheet 100 in 140 cm made in Germany willing to

serve as further declares the packaging industry . printing color posters of the best printers that have a

modern printing machines in 2002 to a high order and publishes Baazam supervisors . required to observe

the quality of the package of simple and laminated packaging quality and commitment of management and

staff carton delivery orders miniature eagle is the motto action

With the hope of achieving better days ahead

گروه طراحی وب سایت وبی ها